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  • Research from recruitment outsourcing firm Hintel, details priorities for junior staff in the property sector as part of the Building Tomorrow Together report.

Leading global property recruitment group deverellsmith, along with newly launched recruitment outsourcing company Hintel, have collaborated on a series of reports aimed at supporting businesses to develop the career paths of their staff from junior to senior level.

The first of these reports focused on the ways in which junior employees in the property sector can not only be supported financially but also encouraged to fulfil their potential, without needing to constantly change jobs.

Earlier this year, 600 property professionals were asked a series of questions and the results concluded that the average salary in junior, non-management positions across the property sector is £24,642.  It was clear from the responses that a 10% pay rise would do little to alleviate the current financial pressure of living in London and the escalation of lifestyle costs.

Peter Sheppard, MD of Hintel (part of the deverellsmith group):

“We firmly believe that there is now a multitude of ways to support your workforce outside of remuneration which will help promote retention. An employer now needs to take a holistic approach to support wellbeing and provide the training for soft skills as well as academic development. 

Teach your junior staff how to have difficult conversations. I truly believe employees are moving jobs because they haven’t developed the skills to tell you what they want, or what they need to stay with a business.”

The conclusive messaging  from the research, highlighted  the need for strong management and a shift in narrative in order to encourage and retain a young, energetic demographic into the sector.

Andrew Deverell-Smith, CEO and Founder of deverellsmith group:

“We recognise the sector needs to change in how it attracts, recruits, and retains its employees. With the launch of Hintel, we plan to be at the forefront of that change by guiding decision makers to align with the way modern society operates.

This is the first in a series of reports which will reveal how to communicate effectively with current and prospective employees and ultimately, reduce attrition and diversify talent pools.”

Laura Croggon