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Leading global property recruitment company deverellsmith group launches Hintel – a new outsourcing business

Hintel is a recruitment outsourcing company dedicated to the property industry, utilising innovative technology and driven by industry leaders to tackle the ever-increasing issues surrounding a company’s recruitment function.

Hintel brings unique expertise to the property sector and all solutions aim to focus on ensuring responsible employees achieve their objectives. Helping to constantly evolve the process will enable clients to create a competitive advantage when hiring and retaining talent within their teams.

A recruitment outsourcing business is a function adopted by companies to act in place of, or together with existing HR and recruitment teams. This approach allows a business access to different experts, depending on the specific challenges and requirements.

Hintel has been launched in direct response to the Labour Force Survey (LFS) which recorded a 29% increase in job-to-job moves between January 2022 – March 2022, compared to the same period in 2021. 

Andrew Deverell-Smith, Group CEO at deverellsmith: “Having closely observed the many changes in the property sector, we believe that now is the right time to launch an outsourcing solution in order to respond better to industry needs.

“Hintel will bolster deverellsmith’s core offering and further define our footprint as a market leading talent and recruitment consultancy. We’re here to spearhead growth within real estate and stimulate the positive change needed to drive the sector forward.”

The business will focus on fixing the core challenges whilst aligning objectives with each individual.

Peter Sheppard, Managing Director at Hintel: “Hintel is all about innovation and strong leadership.  Support will range from market intelligence, competitor analysis and exit interview support, right through to a fully integrated on-site support team depending on the short and long-term objectives of the business.

Outsourced providers bring experience, economies of scale and perhaps most importantly, a cross section of expertise that creates a true recruitment function. One that understands it’s about you, and the success of your business”.

Andrew Deverell-Smith: “Peter has extensive experience and is exactly the sort of high energy, dynamic individual we need to lead our recruitment outsourcing business forward”.

Laura Croggon