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In our latest podcast, Nicola Broomham – Director of Client Solutions & Executive Search delves deeper into who Hintel is and why businesses should utilise RPO to reach their recruitment goals.

Joined by Pete Sheppard, Managing Director of Hintel and Eliza – Director Data & Research at deverellsmith & Hintel they jump into what recruitment outsourcing really means.

Scroll down for some highlights from the episode or you can listen to the full conversation above, on Spotify and Apple Podcast.

What is RPO?

Similar to how you outsource your IT function, you could have an individual that works for the company in house, or you could buy into a business that has a selection of experts that you could utilise. That’s the same for recruitment process outsourcing.

  • Pete Sheppard – Managing Director of Hintel

Who is Hintel?

We’re a real estate and construction-focused outsourcing business whose ultimate objective is to improve your recruitment process. We do this by aligning our objectives with your priorities.

Hintel as a business has so many different facets to it and there is no one size fits all. Alongside this, there is lots of marketing support we can provide to, raising the profile of clients personal brand.

The impact of data and research

The role of the data and research team for Hintel is to look in the marketplace for the right talent. This isn’t necessarily people that are actively looking for a new role, or people who are saying ‘I need a new job’, this is genuinely the talent that’s out there in the market.

What’s important about what the team do here, is we can provide clients with a really high quality and well-rounded, informed opinion on what the market is doing in their space and who the right people are.

  • Eliza Jones – Director of Data and Research at deverellsmith & Hintel

If you want to learn more about how Hintel can support your business, you can email

Pete Sheppard