Unveil more with the Talent Discovery

A complimentary service that highlights how your business can save up to 60% of your annual recruitment spend.

By providing a comprehensive assessment of every aspect of your business’s recruitment setup. The results will be compiled into a concise report highlighting hiring areas of improvement, how to improve retention and talent attraction, and spend analysis.

Helping your business with smarter decision making and improving your employee job satisfaction.

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    Why choose the Talent Discovery?

    The purpose of our Talent Discovery service is to assess your recruitment requirements, and supplier performance and suggest strategic improvements to the hiring process to improve retention and save you money, all based on the data we obtain from the process.

    The process will obtain accurate information and data about your current recruitment function by looking at:

    • Cost of recruitment,
    • Internal metrics including salary variances, skills hired, lost and needed
    • Supplier performance

    Our discerningly different approach to agency, our award-winning brand and our belief that people are the most important part of our business is understood and appreciated by Hintel

    – Paul Clarke, Founder of Mr and Mrs Clarke