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Who. Is. Hintel?

As part of our Building Tomorrow Together series, we’re saying H! to our leadership team; the people behind the data, the people behind the words, and the people behind our business. Each leader has walked a different path in life and provide unique expertise to our service offering. They might have their own specialism, but they all have one thing in common: they’re passionate about people.

Third to be featured in the series is Pete Sheppard, Managing Director of Hintel.

  • Talk to us about your experience in talent solutions and recruitment.

I began my recruiting career supporting Trades, Labour, and Machine Operatives within the construction sector before spearheading a recruitment outsourcing contract that had an annual temporary labour spend of £50m.

For the last 8 years, I’ve had a strong focus on improving an employer’s recruitment process; ensuring all workers are compliant with UK legislation and delivering cost savings across multi-year contracts.

  • What’s your greatest client success story?

The achievement I am most proud of was a recruitment outsourcing programme that supported a national housebuilder to create their internal recruitment team. The existing function hadn’t been providing a positive experience for everyone involved, hiring managers, prospective employees and suppliers. Many suitable candidates were also missing out on opportunities because the process needed some improvement.

By using technology to offer transparency throughout the process I was able to improve brand awareness and employer reputation, reduce the number of engaged suppliers and attract a significant number of new employees directly from the freshly built careers page.

  • Who had the greatest influence on your early career?

I’ve been fortunate enough to have several strong managers. Those I’ve tried to model my management style on were the ones who were honest about the areas I needed to improve, praised the skills I had developed and encouraged me to take on more complex responsibilities while they provided the safety net.

  • What’s the greatest asset you can offer Hintel customers?

Throughout my career, I have thrived on problem-solving. The fundamentals of an outsourcing solution are generic. It’s how you identify, communicate, and fix the unique challenges a business has. If I’m on your team, then I want to hear about all the issues requiring short- and long-term resolutions.

  • If you had 10 minutes alone with the Prime Minister – what would you say to them?

The moment they took office they have been subject to the greatest levels of temptation they have ever had. But if they can keep their integrity in check, they could leave office as the most respected leader in modern times.

I’m not much of a political commentator but I don’t think I’m alone in feeling like the whole country would benefit from greater honesty when in post.

For this to happen, we would need a change in media reporting style. As it stands articles and interviews dominantly focus on the negative aspects of a situation leaving positive elements underreported.

Pete Sheppard